The W3 Philosophy

The Essence of the 3 Ws - Wealth, Wisdom, Wellness

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W3 stands for Wisdom, Wealth & Wellness. W3 is a holistic approach to attaining prosperity, balance, and fulfilment.  The philosophy behind W3 is rooted in the coach's strong belief in the ancient scriptures, which stresses on the development of all the three dimensions of human life – Tan, Man, and Dhan.  In other words, wealth, wisdom, and wellness need to go hand-in-hand to create a successful, meaningful, and enjoyable way of life.

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Mehernosh Randeria Randeria

As India's First and Only "Wealth Wisdom Wellness" (W3) Coach and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mehernosh Randeria is on a mission to help people discover and live a well-balanced life of affluence, abundance, and activeness, by making them financially, physically, mentally and emotionally fit. Mehernosh believes that wealth, wisdom and wellness need equal attention for a balanced life. His passion is to help people in all these areas with his unique W3 coaching and training sessions so they can experience wholistic richness in the real sense. Since 2014, as an Executive Coach, Speaker, Mentor and Trainer, he has conducted 1000+ workshops with 100+ organizations, trained and coached 7,500+ people across 18 nationalities.

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